A Modern Christmas

Did you know that a recent study carried out by Data Label has revealed that 30% of people have missed deliveries of parcels at Christmas time, and 15% have sent Christmas cards out that never reach their intended recipients! Costing an estimated £750,000 in undelivered cards alone for Christmas 2016!

As far as I am aware I don’t think that I have missed any parcels or cards at Christmas time, have you?

It got me thinking though what with more and more services being offered online, why are we still insistent on sending out Christmas cards by post? Is it tradition? Or are we resistant to changing habits?

Photo courtesy of digitalart at freedigitalphotos.net

In all honesty I have always thought buying and sending greetings cards is a waste of money, at the end of the day don’t they all just get thrown into the bin anyway? Or in our household cut out and made into next years Christmas tree decorations!

In this modern era we live in why have we not yet switched to sending Christmas cards as ecards online? The average greeting card is around 89p so for the estimated 8.4 cards that have gone missing in the last ten years that adds up to an astounding £7,476,000

Surely we all want to save money, and more be it help the environment out by recycling our old cards and switching to online alternatives such as those from Greenvelope who offer eco friendly holiday cards for the modern family.

Or instead of sending a parcel why not send a gift voucher, even these can be sent online via email these days. Zeek have a huge variety of retailers available.

Christmas is stressful enough without having the extra worry of your cards and parcels not arriving on time or not arriving at all in some cases.

What do you think? Have you ever missed a Christmas delivery? Do you already use online alternatives? Id love to hear your thoughts….

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