Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

BakerDays was founded by Andrea Guzyova and greeting card entrepreneur Alan Hawkes,  whose passion for cakes ( mainly eating them) is only exceeded by a knack of creating the perfect cake design for every occasion. 

Baker Days can safely deliver great celebration cakes everywhere in the UK and offer next day delivery.

We were sent one of their new letterbox cakes. It’s a small celebration cake for just one or two people. It may be small but it's thoughtful and personalised. It's postable and yes it actually does fit through a letterbox.  

I found that there was a great selection of designs to chose from and especially loved the more bright and vibrant full colour cakes so I chose one which represented this. 

I personalised the cake for my husband as it was his birthday and was impressed that I was able to view a preview of what my cake would look like. 

I was wondering how our cake would survive going through the postal service, fortunately it arrived in one piece and in perfect condition. 

Each letterbox cake arrives boxed and attractively presented in a lovely little tin and comes with a personalised note card and balloons. 

The quality of design and how the cake is made really shows itself it was like a little piece of art!

The taste wasn't disappointing either it was very yummy and I would definitely recommended BakerDays for your celebration cake needs. 

BakerDays letterbox cakes are priced at £14.99 and provide 3-4 portions. The letterbox cakes are 5 inches. 

Baker Days also offer larger cakes suitable for 8-55 portions ranging in price from £27.99 to £57.99. 

You can even choose the filling of your cake from vanilla sponge, chocolate chip, fruit cake and even gluten wheat and dairy free!

All of their cakes are handmade and can be personalised. 

For the purpose of this review we were sent one letterbox cake. 


  1. What a great idea! Other half has his Bday next week so may try this!
    Zoe Beau. x

    1. It is worth it they're very yummy and a great surprise x

  2. I tried one of their Christmas cakes, they are fab aren't they :) I was sceptical that it would arrive in one piece through the post but they proved me wrong! #binkylinky

  3. That looks awesome :)
    Great prices too.

  4. We reviewed one a while back and I was so impressed. It's such a talking point as a gift too. :) #binkylinky

  5. What a great idea! I too don't know how it arrived in one piece! Looks fab though.

  6. Oh my gosh that is so cool! I wish there was something like that where I lived! #binkylinky x

  7. Baker days cake are lovely. A great gift you can send to someone. Hubby and I have had them in the past. I love the design you chose. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  8. Very cool cake great review thanks for linking to the Binkylinky


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