A Visit To Santa

I Last year I took my daughter on an unsuccessful visit to see Santa in our local village. She didn't like it one bit and cried a lot. 

This year though was different as her little brother would be joining her. 

We have been watching lots of Christmas DVDs with Santa in and she even has a Santa toy. She seemed very excited when I told her we were going to see Santa and his reindeer. 

In all honesty we wanted to take them to see Santa but we hadn't been able to book anything as it all just seemed so expensive. Then a stroke of luck, I received a phone call Friday afternoon saying we had won a family ticket to go and see Santa. I was over the moon!

We arrived nice and early and got to pet and feed Santa's reindeer. The kids just loved this with one reindeer even taking a shine to my little boys hair!

Once inside Santa's magical enchanted forest we were lead through various rooms where we rode Santa's sleigh, threw snowballs, had storytime and saw the elves bedrooom! 

Then of course it was time to see the big man himself!

My daughter loved it and even high fives Santa! She made sure she told him everything she wanted for Christmas too. 

My son was a bit more cautious but did seem to enjoy it, and especially their gifts off Santa. 

All in all a successful trip!

Thank you to Pughs Garden Village, Radyr, Cardiff. 


  1. We went last year and our girls loved it. We've booked to again in December and I can't wait! x

  2. We can't wait to go in December glad you all enjoyed it x


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