Will You Sponsor Me For Britmums Live 2015!

BritMums Live! is the UK's largest gathering of lifestyle bloggers and influencers. 
It's a great place to connect in person with other bloggers, share inspiration, forge relationships with quality brands and PRs, and hone my blogging skills too. The date for Britmums Live 2015 is Friday, June 19th and it's a two day blogging conference.

In return for sponsoring me I can be the 'blogger on the ground' at the event for you. 
I can help to promote you on my blog with a 12 month side bar advert, in addition to writing a set number of blog posts throughout the year about your brand.
I'd also be happy to host competitions on your behalf, as well as reviews and I think it'd be great if I could write a number of guest posts for your blog too.
I can also tweet about you before, during and after the event, plus any posts that I write about the event will include a mention of you as my sponsor.I can wear a t-shirt with your logo on at the event and also add your logo to my business cards.

The costs involved are as follows:
Britmums Live Ticket: £98.03

Train fare from Cardiff £77
Food and Travel expenses such as the tube, bus etc will be paid for by myself. And as my sister is already attending I will be sharing her hotel room so there will be no fee for this.
Estimate total cost: £175.03

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please let me know. I am more than happy to send you my media pack. Please email: twounder2two@yahoo.co.uk
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Katie Davies

Twitter: @katie4_16