A Fabulous Family Day Out

We love taking our babies out and about, letting them explore the world and their environment.

We’re always going somewhere with them when both myself and my husband get a day off together. We love the beach, soft play centres, zoos, parks, farms, museums, castles, mountains! Anything really!

We took our first family holiday back last year. We decided we didn’t want to go too far as our youngest was still a baby, so we booked a caravan in Tenby for four days.

We were especially lucky to be given tickets to visit FollyFarm whilst on our holiday.

Iv been to Folly Farm when I was younger but I didn’t really remember what it was like. As we arrived we walked up to what appears to be a small looking farm house we’re greeted by the friendly staff who give us a map and some animal feed. As we entered the farm I was amazed by how big it actually is. It has to be at least 100 times bigger than I had actually thought it was, and its not just a farm! It has restaurants, amusements, soft play and fairground rides.

You could easily spend more than a whole day at Folly Farm.

It is easy to find your way around.

There are many animals to see, we especially loved how close we were able to get to the giraffes whilst the keepers were feeding them.

My other favourite was the penguins, it was really nice to see them outdoors and be able to get up close to them while they were under the water swimming past the huge glass window.

There is a wide range of animals to see including;
  • Reptiles
  • Monkeys
  • Armadillo
  • Camels
  • Lions
  • Wallaby
  • Zebra
  • Brazillian Tapar
  • Birds
  • Amphibians and Fish

There are some lovely play areas for the children to play in as well which are suitable for most ages, there is also a ferris wheel, giant chalkboard, and sand pits. We were very lucky on the day we went we practically had the place to ourselves. This was the perfect opportunity for us to grab a bite to eat while our daughter played in the soft play area. We ordered hot dogs and burgers they were delicous, and the kdis meals come in a fun dinosaur box.

Another of our favourites was the milking station. This is an area which has a row of cows (artificial i should add!) all with udders in which you can practice your cow milking skills!

I loved the vintage fair, it has rides for all the family, and arcade games to play on.

There is a land train which departs at 11am outside Percys Piggery, it takes you on a tour around the paddocks and other animal enclosures.

Follies Theatre can also be found at Folly Farm, it provides childrens entertainment, as well as concerts and performances from the likes of Cardiff Philharmonica Orchestra, The Massed Choirs and numerous tribute acts.

I cannot 'big up' Folly Farm enough in all honesty, we absolutely love it and everything about it and we will definitely be back very soon! A great day out for all the family!