Top Tips For Two Under Two

1) Shop Online
Best thing I ever did was to start shopping for my weekly food online. It's quick, easy and delivered straight to your door! It can also save you money as you're less likely to impulse buy. 

2) You will feel guilty
You have two children with varying needs, who both need attention. You are only one person, and you're doing the best you can. You will have to prioritise in this case if your toddler wants to play but you need to feed/change babies nappy. Explain to them that you will come and play but you need to see to the baby. Involve your toddler, have them shake the milk bottle or fetch the wipes.

3) You can't please everyone
Two sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews to please and lets not forget your friends aswell. You will need to set boundaries and make sure everyone is aware of how often they can visit and how often you will visit. 

4) Make time for each child
If your toddler is like mine and is jealous of the attention your newborn gets it's incredibly important to make some special play time just with that child. You could have your other half take your newborn out for a walk or even upstairs for a bath or a trip to the grandparents maybe. 

5) Accept help
My partner works night shifts and I was really struggling on his first shift back. I'm lucky that my aunt lives down the road and was able to come up to help me. Remember it's okay to accept help if you're struggling. 

6) It's okay to let them cry
Sometimes you just have no choice but to let them cry. A newborn won't remember and they aren't in any danger either. 

7) Routine is key
We set a routine up for my daughter as soon as we had established her sleeping habits. Pick up on ques when your child is tired. They could be rubbing their eyes, becoming grouchy or nodding off in their highchair. When I say routine I don't mean set times, just set times in between each nap. For example my daughter might wake at 6.30 or 7.30 and I know that 3 hours after waking she is tired and ready for her nap. 

8) Take turns
There is no need for you and your partner to both wake up for night feeds, take it in turns so you first baby first then your partner gives baby second feed, this way you both get a bit more sleep. Or even take it turns and do a whole night then your partner does the second night. 

9) Remember it does get easier
Baby eats, sleeps, poops and cries. A lot! But as time goes by and you get to know your babies needs and as they become a bit more independant it does become easier. 

10) Have some you time!
Take some time out for yourself. Go shopping, visit friends, even take a bath. Being a parent can be stressful and it's important to have some you time and some adult conversation. Relax and sleep when your children do. 


  1. the best tip I love from here is shop online! its less stressful you actually buy what you want and don't come back with lots you don't really need great post Katie #binkylinky

  2. Great tips here. I'm worried about having 2 very small ones with a 2 year old and a baby due any day now and guess the biggest thing is go easy on yourself

    1. It will be stressful at times but you need to know you're doing the best you can and it will get easier :)

  3. Some good tips there! I wish online shopping existed 11 years ago when I had 2 year old twins and a baby. Or even twin trolleys would have helped lol #binkylinky

    1. Thanks mami2five I don't know what I'd do without online shopping now, it's so much easier and less rushed

  4. It is quite hard. I had a 16m old and a newborn,and hubby worked 12 hour night shifts. I lived quite a distance from family at the time. I think organisation is the key - I sorted all our clothes out the night before and had them ready, bathed them together, did lots of batch cooking when they were asleep so when they were fussy I could just take out freezer and heat up. Now expecting baby number three - will have a 3.5yo, a just turned 2yo and newborn. Luckily hubby has better hours at work, we live 30 seconds from my parents and 3yo will be at nusery in the mornings so hopefully be a little easier!!

    1. My other half works 12 hour night shifts aswell luckily toddler sleeps through night and baby only usually wakes twice for bottle and is straight back to sleep then
      It's trying to find things to do in the day to keep toddler occupied that I find difficult especially when the weather is bad x

  5. Some great tips here. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


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