Doctor Who Experience: Review

I was recently invited to attend the Doctor Who Experience with my family for the #MonsterFamilyDayOut
The Doctor Who Experience offers a 90 minute guided tour where fans get the opportunity to travel through space and time alongside the doctor!
Dalek's, Cyber men and Sontarans are just a few of the scary monsters you'll come across on this journey!
Unfortunately we weren't able to take the tour as pushchairs cannot be taken through. But we did get the chance to visit the exhibition. 
The exhibition holds the most extensive collection of Doctor Who props and costumes in the world!
We were able to get an insight into how the special affects are created and how to walk like a monster!
Whilst we were there we were able to watch a monster make over! And my was it impressive, the lady looked like she had just arrived from another planet!

I have to say that while I am not the biggest Doctor Who fan in the world, I do watch Doctor Who and I was actually amazed by all the Doctor costumes that are on display. 

As well as costumes, there a set scenes, and interactive displays, aswell as the actual scary monsters from the show!

All in all the Doctor Who Experience offers a fun family day out and is a must for all Doctor Who Fans. 
For more information please visit the Doctor Who Experience website or you can follow on twitter @DW_Experience

For the purpose of this post I was given a family pass into the Doctor Who Experience. 


  1. what a shame you couldn't take the pushchairs through the tour! I'm not really a doctor who fan either but i do imagine that its all pretty impressive stuff there!

    1. Yes it was a shame but the exhibition made up for it, it was very impressive I have to say I loved seeing the all doctors outfits

  2. We love Doctor Who in our house so this looks like something that we would enjoy! I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't take the tour. #BinkyLinky

  3. It's a shame you couldn't take the pushchair in, but it sounds like you enjoyed the time you did spend there. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  4. My uhsband loves this show! Thanks for sharing your experience! #binkylinky


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