Cameras In Baby Units

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Edinburgh's maternity wards are set to roll out a new tv video system that will allow mothers to watch over their poorly babies.

The cameras will be fitted next to incubaters and the videos then streamed live to mums who may be staying in other parts of the hospital.

It is hoped that this will allow new mums to form bonds with their babies even if they cannot physically hold them.
Other NHS hospitals who already have the cameras in place have found it to be a great success.

I feel that this will be welcomed with open arms especially for mums of premature babies who have their babies quickly whisked off after they're born and are taken to a neo natal ward. I think that if these cameras are put in place in our local hospitals it would provide much needed reassurance to mums in similar situations.

You can read more about this here New Mums Can Watch Baby On Hospital TV Screens

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