Drumond Park Games: Pig Goes Pop


Hungry for a crackling gift idea?!
I was recently sent the game Pig Goes Pop by Drumond Park Games to review.
I have to say that when it arrived, I was surprised by how big it is actually is. It is bigger than I had expected. The game is attractively presented in a colourful box and is very eye catching to look at.
Pig Goes Pop is aimed at children 4 years and over. The aim of the game is feed the pig his burgers and pump up his tummy without his jacket bursting open. You roll the dice and each player feeds the pig one of the colourful burgers and pushes his head down the number times that is printed on the burger. If his jacket bursts open on your go, then your opponent wins. The game can be played with 2-6 players.
Opening the box I am presented with a very cheery looking pig who is very well made.

My nephew is 3 years old and when he saw the pig he pointed at it and a big grin spread across his face. He then proceeded to inspect the pig!
The game takes no setting up and is ready to play in seconds.
We began to play; me, my partner and our nephew. As we fed the pig and his tummy started to grow you could feel the excitement as you wondered ooh who’s he going to pop on! Bigger and bigger his tummy grew until POP his jacket burst open, much to the delight of our nephew who found it highly amusing! I must admit it did make us jump a bit when it finally popped open! My nephew loved the game so much, he wanted to play it again and again.
Pig Goes Pop is fun for all the family no matter how old you are. It is a massive hit with both boys and girls, mums and dads and even grans!

The concept behind this game is so simple and very addictive. It is easy for even the youngest child to get involved with.

When you are ready to start your game over again all you do is twist the pig’s curly tail and pig is ready to pop again.

For more information on this and other games available please visit Drumond Park
For the purpose of this review I was sent one Pop Goes Pig game (RRP: £19.99)