10 Things That Make Me Happy

1) Obvious one here, but my children and husband! My
children are so different in many ways but I love them both the same. My
daughter is confident and has a good close group of friends. She is very funny;
always pulling different faces and dancing and generally just being funny. She really
does make me laugh. My son is very cuddly and affectionate., he always come
over for cuddles and asks if we’re ok, he loves being silly too especially with
his sister. They’re my absolute world.
2) My cat or as I refer to him sometimes my ‘third baby’ or
my ‘fur baby’ we had him as a kitten as we think he must be part Maine Coon or
similar as he has grown rather large! Despite his size he is the softest and
friendliest baby ever. He loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa and he’s
quite partial to game a fetch with his fuzzy pom pom balls.

3) Chinese food! Mmm ask me what I want to eat and this will
always be my answer! Whether it’s a takeaway in the house or going out to a Chinese
restaurant I just resist that sweet and sour chicken!
4) Being outdoors. On the weekends if its nice sunny weather
you can always find out outdoors going for walks, or day trips we just love
being outside. There’s something great about being out in the fresh air,
hearing the birds sing and having the breeze swirl around you, it’s quite

5) Blogging. I do like blogging, I enjoy sitting down and
putting my thoughts together and writing about all the things we get up to. Blogging
is kind of a place where I can be in my own little world and do what I want. It’s
a great way to escape boredom and also to meet other likeminded bloggers.

6) Drawing. When I was a teenager I loved nothing more than
sitting in my room just doodling away. This doodling turned into more artistic sketches
and I ended up filling sketch book upon sketch book. I haven’t drawn properly
like that for years now but I do still enjoy drawing with the children.
7) Cleaning. Okay so this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but
I do love cleaning! Sad I know. But I love it when the kids are in school and I
can get my duster out! I love the end result of a fresh clean home with all the
windows open and the smell of polish in the air! 
8) Make up free days. Which for me is not as often as I would
like. I only wear make up to work, why, more out of habit having always done it
I think. Before children I wouldn’t go anywhere without my make up on but now I
will. In fact I love waking up in the morning, tying my hair up in a messy bun
and wet wiping my face, and dah duh I’m ready for the day. Days like this just
feel so more relaxed and enjoyable.
9) Spontaneous days out. Who doesn’t love waking up in the
morning and not knowing what they’re going to be doing that day. Then ending up
down the beach with the kids making sand castle and walking in the sea. These are
always the best days with great fond memories.

10) Sleep. I love sleep and its actually been ‘proven’ that
women do need more sleep than men. Luckily I have a lovely husband who most
days will let me sleep in. when I was a teen I used to sleep the morning away
easily until 11am. Looking back I don’t understand how I did that, to me now a
lay in is anything past 7am and I love it! Naps too, I love, they’re always the
best sleep aren’t they!
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