Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Airplane Travelling With Children

We have had many UK holidays as a family, we have been to Butlins, Bluestone and caravan holidays. This year however will be our first family holiday abroad.

I’m excited as I haven’t been on an airplane for many years but it will be my children’s first time flying. It’s only a two/two and half hour flight but I do wonder how they will cope being cooped up in a small space for this amount of time, especially my son as he can never seem to sit still for long. He loves running around, jumping off the sofas and is always nagging to go out for a walk.

I have therefore asked for advice from other mums in the know to gather their top tips for keeping kids entertained during a flight.

Katy Stevens who blogs at Katy Kicker says;
Take small toys, perhaps some plastic tat from the Poundshop, to open every hour. Little toys, colouring books etc. Small lightweight toys that are going to keep them entertained for a little part of that hour! 

Emma Dowey from Me & B Make Tea says;
Definitely an IPad or tablet – download some games and videos to keep them busy.
Mags Allmark who blogs at Mummy's Space says;
Stickers, colouring books and one of the multi-colour pens so less likely to lose it, headphones to plug in and watch inflight movies or IPads if short haul, snacks (preferably low sugar), kids Rubik cubes.

Debbie Binnersley blogger at My Chaotically Eclectic Life says;
My kids love the pieces from the ‘stuck on stories’ books, They spend ages sticking the to the window and tray tables. I would also recommend taking sticker books, colouring books, small story books and something new along with drinks and snacks. I usually aim for a new activity every 30 minutes!
Kerry Norris blogger at Kerry Louise Norris says;
Snacks are great for keeping them occupied for a short while. Get them to pick out their favourite ones themselves from the shop beforehand.

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