Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My New Years Resolutions

Ah New Years! The time when we have great expectations from ourselves for the new year. Many a time I have produced resolutions and then failed to act upon them, so I thought I would do it all over again, but this time I will have hopefully have acted upon at least a few of them!
Here are my new years resolutions:

For Myself;

Eat healthier (with any weight loss being a bonus) – like many people these days I tend to find im just too busy to do a lot of things, but when it comes to healthy eating I think this needs to take more of a step forward in my life. I tend to cook the same things every week, and while they aren’t completely unhealthy there could be a lot of improvement! Here’s to a new healthy eating habit, I intend to research recipes, and maybe even classes in my bid to complete this goal!

Start a new career journey by completing an educational course – I have always wanted to do more but never really known what I wanted to do more in. i have been in the same job for the last ten years, and whilst I am happy in my job as it is secure I think that the fear of leaving such a secure job is preventing me from reaching my goals. I am looking to start an open university course which I can hopefully complete alongside my current job.

Blog more – blogging for me has always been just as and when I had the time to do it but with my youngest starting school next year I will certainly have more time on my hands so what better way to pass it than by using my blog more.

Be more money wise – I have never been that great with money so I am hoping to improve upon this by spending less, bargain catching more, budgeting and saving!

For my children
Take you out for new adventures – this isn’t really a difficult one to achieve as we already take our children out to new places and experiences quite a lot and they enjoy holidays with us as well. I guess this is more of a keep it up goal.

Start a class for my eldest (ballet, gymnastics, swimming) – my daughter is now 4 and I would love for her to be attending a class that she enjoys and progresses in, I will be looking at what is available locally and hopefully starting her on something that will give her confidence and enjoyment.

Will you be making any New Years resolutions?

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  1. Fab resolutions. You've inspired me to write my own blog post about my resolutions!


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