Tuesday, 19 June 2018

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1) Obvious one here, but my children and husband! My children are so different in many ways but I love them both the same. My daughter is confident and has a good close group of friends. She is very funny; always pulling different faces and dancing and generally just being funny. She really does make me laugh. My son is very cuddly and affectionate., he always come over for cuddles and asks if we’re ok, he loves being silly too especially with his sister. They’re my absolute world.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

This Dad Can!

This Dad can is my little way of showing my husband just how much he means to me and the kids this Father’s Day.

We met in September 2011 in college and in October 2012 we welcomed our first child together, our daughter. Roll on 7 years later and we have bought our own home and also welcomed our second child into the world, our little boy. As well as our fur baby cat Ozzie!

We have had our ups and downs as have most other couples I imagine, but no matter what we can always work things out and grow stronger together.

Friday, 15 June 2018

How To Make The Most Of Your Weekends: Advice From Working Mums

Some of you may be aware that as of the beginning of this year I became full time!

After the birth of our children I decided to drop down to two days a week so I could spend quality time and bond with my babies. 

Of course it’s not always an easy decision to decide to go full time again. Going part time was an easy decision, why wouldn’t I want to work less and play with my children more, but of course there are downsides to going part time such as the loss of that extra income. We managed quite well up until the end of last year where we began to struggle and just at that moment a full time position became available. It was a case of if I don’t go for this now I may never get the chance to go full time with my company again. It was a no brainer, thankfully I got the job. 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Mia Tui Jackie Handbag Review

Mia Tui was founded in 2010 by Charlotte. She was looking for the perfect bag to suit her busy lifestyle. She found that all her bags were just empty sacks, you would have a phone holder and maybe an inside pocket and that was about it.

Charlotte designed Mia Tui bags to be the busy woman’s best friend – its stylish yet practical. There is a place for everything and most of their bags come with their own accessory bags, such as a clutch bag. 

I have been sent the Jackie bag in tan to review. It comes in a variety of different colours; bronze, tan, rose gold, dove grey, graphite, black, navy or cornflower. Its retails for £30.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

You Only Get 18 Summers

Everybody has had some point in their lives heard the phrase “Enjoy it while you can, time goes too quick!” Yes we all know this and nothing makes this more of a reality than having children! When you’re young, a teenager, you wish yourself older, oh I can’t wait to be older so I can have more independence, more money, buy my own place etc. You can’t see just how quickly life does pass you by. 

That was me. I couldn’t wait to be older! I dreamed of the things I would do. I would have a cupboard in my house dedicated to nothing but chocolate and sweets! I would stay up as late as I wanted and go out wherever I wanted to go. Of course none of this really became true (apart from the chocolate cupboard, but sadly it’s the kids and not mine!) 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Skates.co.uk - Heelys Review

In November 2004, the foundations for Skates.co.uk were laid through Flywalk.co.uk, which began by selling a little known product called Heelys.

David, the founder, had received a pair of Heelys that summer as a gift from his family and wherever he went he found himself being asked where these shoes could be purchased. With the support of his family, Flywalk was born, and Heelys began to be sold in the UK.

We have been sent two pairs of Heelys for review. First is the Heelys x2 dual up shoes in a silver purple rainbow design. The first thin that attracted me to these Heelys was the pattern. It’s vibrant, colourful and fun. They stand out from the crowd and look they look cool when worn! 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

The weather has certainly be very kind to us lately and what better way to enjoy it than in our own garden. 

We have many outdoors toys to keep the kids occupied. They have a trampoline, a boat waterway, scooters, bikes and balls. 

And we can now introduce the Little Tikes Cape Cottage. RRP £119.99. The cottage is incredibly easy to put together. It took us less than 15 minutes it comes with a handy tool so nothing additional is needed.

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