Thursday, 26 May 2016

Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder

There is a keepsake box at the bottom of Katie Searle-Jones' wardrobe that she opens when she wants to feel close to her late mother.
Inside is a locket containing a portrait of Pamela, a midwife, who died 11 years ago of ovarian cancer, age 50.
Also inside that box is a small container of baby powder. After Pamela died, all it took was a sniff of its wholesome, reassuring scent to vividly bring back her memory.......

.....It is the second lawsuit this year concerning the safety of talc. Two months earlier, another U.S. jury awarded £50 million to the family of Jacqueline Fox, who used Johnson & Johnson talc products for 35 years. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013 and died, age 62, last year.
Read the full article at the daily mail here Did my mother die at 50 because she used talc?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Scoff Box Review

I was recently invited to try Scoff Box which is a monthly subscription box jam packed full of some delicious treats. 

The lovely people at the Scoff Club will source the tastiest, most mouth watering sweets they can find and post them directly to your door!

Inside my Scoff Box included the following sweets:

Jelly Babies
Clotted Cream Toffee Bonbons
Watermelon rockets
Reece's Pieces
Chocolate Honeycomb
Tutti Fruitti Fizzy Cubes
Eye Poppers
Now and Later Strawberry Chews
Chocolate honeycomb

While I did really enjoy the clotted cream toffee bonbons, jelly babies and the strawberry chews the rest of the sweets weren't really to my liking. 

The chocolate honeycomb is basically a cheaper version of a crunchie bar and the jelly babies although nice did taste a bit cheap. 

The clotted cream toffee bonbons however were absolutely delicious as were the strawberry chews which were just bursting with flavour. 

Each month you receive a 1.3kg box of sweets which is beautifully gift wrapped and you even get free postage. You can also cancel the subscription at any time.  

I think the scoff box would make a great gift for birthdays or special occasions. 

Overall I enjoyed the scoff box I was sent but I think as you don't get to choose what sweets go into your box it could be a bit hit and miss. 

For the purpose of this review I was sent one scoff box. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Monday, 14 March 2016

Garden Fun For Kids

Kids love getting messy and what better way to let them than by gardening!

It was recently my sons birthday and he was given some money in his cards and we decided not to buy any more toys as he has plenty and to be honest he doesn't really show much interest in them. 

So we decided to buy him some gardening accessories. Asda had a lovely little wheel barrow set which including a giant spade and fork for £8 and we also went to the garden centre and bought some pots and plants for him to plant himself. 

We spent most of the day in the garden and he absolutely loved it. Especially using his shovel to put the gravel and compost into the pots as well as watering the plants once they were planted. 

My daughter joined in too and was very intent on listening to how you have to dig a hole and put the roots of the plant in and she then watered them letting me know that her plants bellies were full of water, so cute!
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